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Hey! I’m Organic!

A friend and fellow writer, Doug Danielson, recently asked if I minded him referring to me as an ‘organic writer’ in his blog. I told him I’d been called worse and gave my assent. Then I looked it up, not having … Continue reading

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Meet Jock Boucher, the Renegade Cajun Federal Judge in Ice Fire, A Thriller

Only in New Orleans. Let’s face it. Certain locations are known for the idiosyncratic behavior of their locals and if one were to compose a list of cities where unique personalities abound, The Big Easy would be found near the … Continue reading

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I made a couple of mistakes in my last blog and want to thank alert readers Don from Denver and Lois from Louisville for bringing the most blatant of these errors to my attention. I misspelled enchilada, and believe me I should … Continue reading

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On re-re-rewriting

I was just reminded (re-reminded?) that Hemingway rewrote his ending to A Farewell to Arms thirty-nine times (or forty-seven times depending on the source). Considering that a novel-length manuscript can be re-written any number of times during its initial creation, then again … Continue reading

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Writer’s Rewards

The postscript to my novel Ice Fire predicts that we will be hearing a lot more about methane hydrate, an alternative energy source currently being studied by nations around the world. I was right in my prediction, but not in … Continue reading

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