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On reaching the final edit of my next novel, (more on that soon) I decided to revise my ‘About the Author’ page, in an attempt to make it more personable. I thought I’d share it. Here goes.

One thing that strikes me as I take a reflective view of my life so far is how much my past has led me to the endeavor in which I am now engaged – an author of action and adventure thriller novels.

I was born in England, raised in the United States and around the world, my childhood travels dictated by my father’s job. My adult globe-trotting was the result of my own career choice, international law. In my profession, I traveled extensively, met and worked with government and business leaders around the planet; with allegedly legal arms dealers, with potentates and poseurs; some of the most colorful, charismatic and occasionally dangerous men on earth. I did not realize I was constructing a reservoir of recollections that would someday provide fodder for my fiction. For whether I take the reader on a walk through New Orleans’ French Quarter, the basements of the US Capitol, the grand hotels of Europe, or a prince’s palace in Arabia, I am dipping into my own well of memories. Most of my reminiscences are pleasant – but not all. Occasionally I recall a certain event in my life and ask, how did I get myself into that mess? Or, more importantly, how did I get myself out?

But they were fascinating years – and I sure did log those frequent flyer miles.

Nowadays, my productive hours are spent at the computer, my beloved cat asleep on my desk, as I sift through my past and apply it to my fictional characters’ present. Not necessarily productive but most fulfilling, I still engage in a life-long hobby of haunting piano and karaoke bars and singing my favorite standards. As long as they let me in the door, I imagine I’ll continue to indulge my passion for the popular song. If you’re ever in town, you should be able to find me close to the nearest piano. And if you’ve read and enjoyed my work, be sure to tell me so I can express my sincere gratitude. I might even sing you a song.

Thank you for reading.

David Lyons

About David Lyons Author

Author, Novelist, Writer, Speaker for Thriller Series Featuring New Orleans Cajun Federal Judge Jock Boucher in a series: Ice Fire, Blood Game, Waters of Oblivion, BioHazard Level IV. Visit his website to see other books he's written.
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